Online Accredited Investigator Training Course

Obtain Your Private Investigator License

  • Build Your Knowledge

    Study the laws, skills, and resources needed to succeed as an investigator.

  • Earn Your Credentials

    Qualify to write the Alberta Examination For Professional Investigators Accepted in AB, MB, and other Canadian jurisdictions.

  • Jumpstart Your Career

    Step in to the exciting and dynamic world of investigations.

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Welcome to Alberta Investigator Training
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    • Welcome to Alberta Investigator Training.
    • Course Outline
    • Sources and Resources
  • 02
    Module One: Introduction to the Investigation Industry
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    • Check your knowledge
    • Module One Check Your Knowledge Quiz
    • Module One Video
    • Introduction to Investigators and Investigations
    • Roles, Responsibilities, and Limitations of Investigators, Part 1
    • Roles, Responsibilities, and Limitations of Investigators, Part 2
    • Code Of Conduct
    • Investigator Job Description
    • Principles and Processes in Investigations
    • Investigator Licensing In Alberta
    • Investigator Professional Development And Professional Designations
    • Module One Post Test
    • References and Additional Resources
  • 03
    Module Two: Professionalism and Ethics
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    • Module 2 Check Your Knowledge
    • Module 2 Video
    • Defining Ethics and Professionalism
    • Core Principles of Professionalism and Ethics
    • Codes of Conduct
    • Complaints Process Overview
    • Complaints Process (Individual)
    • Complaints Process (Business)
    • Provincial and Federal Privacy Legislation
    • Prejudice, Discrimination, Stereotyping, Violence In Relationships and Harassment
    • Module 2 Discrimination, Prejudice, and Stereotypes Quiz
    • Violence in Relationships
    • Conclusion
    • Module 2 Post Test
    • References and Additional Resources
  • 04
    Module Three: Health and Safety
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    • Introduction to Module 3
    • Module 3 Check Your Knolwedge
    • Module 3 Video
    • Alberta Occupational Health And Safety Act, Regulations And Code
    • Identifying Potential Hazards
    • Hazard Versus Risk
    • Pre-Job Versus On-Site Hazard Assesment
    • Enlisting Assistance from Qualified Professionals
    • Controlling Hazards
    • Elimination vs. Minimization
    • Example Hazards And Controls
    • Response Measures
    • Incident Reporting
    • Identify the Hazards
    • Identify The Hazards Quiz
    • Module 3 Post Test
  • 05
    Module Four: Law and the Canadian Legal System
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    • Introduction to Module 4
    • Module 4 Check Your Knowledge
    • Module Four Video
    • Relevant Statutes
    • The Charter of Rights and Freedoms
    • The Charter and the Investigator
    • The Alberta Human Rights Act, Part 1
    • The Alberta Human Rights Act, Part 2
    • The Criminal Code of Canada
    • The Criminal Code Of Canada, Part 2
    • Powers of Arrest, Part 1
    • Powers of Arrest, Part 2
    • Powers of Arrest, Part 3
    • Powers of Search
    • Criminal Code Offences
    • Section 21: Parties to Offence
    • Section 21: Parties to Offense Quiz
    • Section 130: Personating a Peace Officer
    • Personation of Peace Officer Quiz
    • Section 131: Perjury
    • Perjury Quiz
    • Section 136: Witness Giving Contradictory Evidence
    • S. 136 (1): Witness giving contradictory evidence Quiz
    • Section 137: Fabricating Evidence
    • Section 139: Obstructing Justice
    • Section 423 (1): Intimidation
    • Section 342.1: Unauthorized Use of Computer
    • Offences relating to affidavits
    • Intercepting Communications
    • Elements of an Offence
    • Trespassing and Trespassing Offences
    • Surveillance and Audio Recording
    • Evidence Acts
    • Civil Law
    • Module 4 Matching Exercise
    • Module 4 Post Test
    • ADDENDUM: Guidance On Covert Video Surveillance In The Private Sector
  • 06
    Module Five: Use of Force
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    • Module 5 Check Your Knowledge
    • Module Five Video
    • Introduction to Use Of Force
    • Section 25, Criminal Code of Canada — Use of Force
    • Section 25, Part 2
    • Section 26 & 27
    • Section 34 - Defence of Person — use or threat of force
    • Section 35 Defence of Property
    • Overview of The Use Of Force Continuum Model
    • Use of Force Case Study 1
    • Use of Force Case Study 2
    • Weapons and Equipment
    • Weapons and Equipment Quiz
    • Module 5 Post Test
  • 07
    Module Six: Investigations
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    • Module 6 Check Your Knowledge
    • Module Six Video
    • Purpose and Types of Investigations
    • Purposes, Types, and Challenges of Investigations
    • Planning an Investigation and Managing Risk
    • Cognitive Failures in Investigations
    • Managing Investigative Risk
    • Investigative Techniques: An Introduction.
    • Introduction to Interviewing
    • Taking Statements
    • Module 6 Interviewing Quiz
    • Recording Interviews
    • Introduction to Surveillance
    • Surveillance: Interception or Recording of Private Conversations
    • Surveillance: Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
    • Surveillance Considerations: Preparation
    • Surveillance Considerations: Execution
    • Collection of Physical and Digital Evidence
    • Continuity of Evidence
    • Handling and storage of evidence
    • Describing an Evidence Field
    • Forensics
    • Collection Of Information From Open And Closed Sources
    • Undercover Work
    • Confidential Sources
    • Case Management
    • Module 6 Activity Quiz
  • 08
    Module Seven: Communications and Report Writing
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    • Module 7 Check Your Knowledge
    • Module Seven Video
    • Verbal And Non-Verbal Communication
    • Seven Steps For Effective Communication
    • Challenges To Communication
    • Communicating With Uncooperative Persons
    • Hostile or Violent Persons
    • Intoxicated Persons
    • Persons Intending to Deceive
    • Field Notes
    • Report Writing
    • Report Writing Part 2
    • Hearsay Evidence and its Role in Reports
    • Privacy Legislation and Reports
    • Structure of Reports
    • Providing Testimony
    • Module 7 Post Test
  • 09
    Module Eight: Specialized Investigations
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    • Introduction to Specialized Investigations
    • Module 8 Check Your Knowledge
    • Module 8 Video
    • In-House and Regulatory Investigations
    • Barrister and Solicitor Investigations
    • Location Of Person Investigations
    • Corporate And Due Diligence Investigations
    • Insurance Investigations
    • Occupational Health and Safety Investigations
    • Private Clients
    • Retail Investigations and Loss Prevention.
    • Module 8 Post Test
  • 10
    Module 9: The Business Of Investigations
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    • Module 9 Check Your Knowledge
    • Module Nine Video
    • Overview of The Business Of Investigations
    • Licensing: Individual
    • Licensing: Businesses
    • Contracts and Agreements
    • Personnel and Systems
    • Equipment and Data
    • Insurance
    • Databases and Anonymity
    • Clients
    • Compliance and Risk Mitigation Systems
    • Module 9 Post Test
  • 11
    Final Exam Review
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    • Final Exam Review
    • Final Exam Preparation Quiz


  • Who offers this course?

    The Online Accredited Investigation Training Course is offered by Gilliam Burke Investigations, an accredited training provider and Edmonton's leading criminal defence and civil litigation investigation firm. This is the only online accredited Alberta Investigator course offered by working private investigators.

  • What will I learn in the course?

    You will learn the laws, policies and procedures to conduct lawful and effective investigations in Alberta. Completion of this course qualifies you to write the Alberta Examination For Professional Investigators and obtain your Investigator license.

  • How will I know this is course right for me?

    Are you curious and analytical? Do you enjoy solving problems and finding answers? Are you diligent and dedicated? Then you have what it takes to become a great Investigator! (This course is open to everyone, but note that in order to obtain your Alberta Investigator license you must be 18 or older, have no serious criminal record, and be a Canadian citizen, Permanent Resident, or legally entitled to work in Canada.)

  • Instructor

    Brendan Burke is a licensed Investigator in Alberta with nearly a decade of industry experience, and an accredited trainer under S. 14(2) of the Security Services and Investigators Act (Ministerial) Regulation. Brendan is also licensed as a Private Investigator in British Columbia, a member of the Professional Investigators’ Association Of B.C, and a member of the Alberta Association of Private Investigators. He is appointed as a Commissioner For Oaths in Alberta, and a member of the Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council (CDITC).

    Brendan Burke


    Brendan Burke